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    A little bit about me. I’m an award winning photographer/photojournalist experienced in the corporate, PR and editorial worlds, creating imaginative and innovational corporate and editorial art in the Chicago area for over 25 years.

    My editorial background began working for suburban weeklies, progressed to daily newspapers (Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times) wire services (AP, UPI) and photo agencies (Corbis, Newscom) ending up as a staff photographer for Getty Images.

    Along that route I've worked as a staff medical photographer, a contract photographer for the Mexican government's news agency NOTIMEX, worked for the State of Illinois as a photographer for then-Illinois governor George Ryan and the Lieutenant Governor, as well as a photographer for numerous corporate clients, locally, nationally and internationally.

	I also worked closely with Richard Ellis in the late 90's creating the first online news photo agency called Newsmakers, which launched the model of e-commerce digital photography on the Internet, a model copied hundreds of times. Newsmakers was acquired by Getty Images in 1999 and I was the second Getty staff photographer hired by Richard after the acquisition.

	What Getty management has said about me in some of my performance reviews as a staffer:

Manager Narrative on Overall Performance:
Tim is a photographer that excels at the business feature. He is successful with that genre and it is the majority of work he produces for us. I very much respect the inroads he has made with his business contacts in Chicago and his ability to get into the "bigbox" stores.

Manager Narrative:
Tim has done a good job of creating and fine-tuning the business-feature picture. He is able to leverage his contacts with PR and business folks in Chicago to get us in the door.

Manager Narrative:
Tim is very comfortable with the work he knows best. The business feature is his strongest performance and I want him to continue with that work.

Manager Narrative:
Tim does a very good job of illustrating stories that have a national and sometimes global reach. He is aware of the stories of the day and how they might be illustrated from Chicago. He needs to continue on this path as newspapers have come to search Getty first for business-type images and features.

Manager Narrative:
Tim does a fine job of trying to better everyday. He has mastered the art of the "business feature."

Manager Narrative:
Tim does a very fine job being relevant on business and other features from the Chicago area. Its important that he continue down this path and continually out think the competition.

Manager Narrative:
Tim, again, does a very fine job with what may be a dry business story yet finds ways of illustrating them. He has become very good at those types of images.

Manager Narrative:
Tim developed and fine-tuned his approach to the business feature, he practically has the market "cornered" on how to shoot that. That is a great advantage for Getty.

	On a daily basis while a staffer at Getty, I generated my own photo assignments, researching the day's news and anticipating the headlines for tomorrow. I initiated all the contacts, whether through e-mail or phone calls, to facilitate my commitment to produce the photographs necessary to illustrate any given story and to satisfy the demands of Getty's clients. After completing the assignment, the edit and the photo-captioning, I would file my work, always keeping one step ahead of the competition.

    I've since left my staff position with Getty Images and have been creating yet even more inventive and original photographs as I once again work my way back into the corporate and editorial freelance worlds.
    During this time I am working as a contract photographer for Bloomberg News, again receiving much play from my creative and storytelling imagery.

    I've covered business, news, music concerts, sports - Chicago Bulls basketball and the Jordan years, Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs baseball, Chicago Blackhawks hockey, etc., as well as features related to such.

    My unique and creative photographic art has appeared in hundreds and hundreds of newspapers and magazines, on TV broadcast news channels, in TV documentaries, on web sites and in corporate publications both in the U.S. as well as worldwide. My work has also appeared in advertisements, inside educational books and biographies and gracing the covers of a few of them.
    I use all top-of-the-line Canon cameras for still photography which are also capable of audio recording as well as full HD video capture. 
    I'm also capable of transmitting images/video directly to clients or anywhere clients would need the images/video sent, within seconds of the start of any given event if need be.

    A few noteworthy accomplishments:

	I was the first freelance photographer to digitally file my photos to the Chicago Tribune's picture desk -- via the dial-up TeleFinder program using the original Polaroid SprintScan 35.

	I was the first Associated Press stringer to purchase and use the new (at the time) Canon EOS DCS-3 digital camera, again filing my photos electronically via TeleFinder.

	I started up my own dial-up TeleFinder BBS in 1997 to service clients.

	I have been honored with an award-winning MLB photograph displayed in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.

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